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Clouds Inc is based in Sector 132 Noida, contact us for supply, installation, and maintenance of Ductable Units. We are Proudly partnered with Daikin, Mitsubishi & Trane

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our in-house design team provides the most efficient duct design. we design the duct on the following parameters

  • Volume of air flow
  • Area of the Room to be cooled
  • Height of ceiling

The Ductable AC not only improves the aesthetics of the room but also delivers greater airflow to the farthest corner of the room.

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These are a few of our Ductwork in Hotel Lobbies in Gurgaon and Delhi. We need not mention how beautiful the Ceiling of the Hotel Lobby looks because of the Ductwork and even cooling spread across the lobby.

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Problems in Duct AC Ventilation

The Duct AC System is successful for commercial and residential applications only if there is relatively lesser dust and preventive maintenance is carried out periodically. the major problems that one encounter are.

  1. Clogged vents due to dust and mould
  2. Air loss due to poor designing of vents and ducts
  3. Stuck or jammed trap doors
  4. Insulation problems
  5. Air loss or leakage in canvass at joints
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