A Complete Buyers Guide to Cassette AC

The Cassette AC is one of the most popular Indoor Unit being Installed in the modern households today. The Air Conditioning Industry is rapidly changing, there are new developments every year. Initially, the air conditioners were a symbol of luxury, and around 20 years back these were mostly seen in the above middle class and upper-class households, but since then the industry has evolved a lot and so did the per capita income in the Indian Households. Nowadays we can find Air conditioners basically in each and every household because they have become a lot cheaper and also their power consumption has greatly reduced, but still, the most popular air conditioning units still remain the Window and Hi-Wall Type Split Units are popular because they are price effective, easy to install and easy to maintain.

But there is also the problem that the Window is occupied in the case of Window AC which also produced more noise (Relatively) and the Hi-Wall Splits occupy a prominent space on the wall, so if we want a ductless system in the ceiling that is elegant and has low operating noise levels, we have the option of Installing the Cassette-type Air Conditioning Units. The major point that one take in mind while deciding to buy a cassette ac is the fact that these units generally cost almost twice as much as the split type unit, these units don’t occupy space on the wall or floor and are mounted in the ceiling but then the ceiling needs to have space of at least 12-14 inches and 3-3.5 sq. ft and they would require false ceiling work to be done once the unit is installed.

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Different types of Cassette AC Installation

Silent Features of Cassette AC Units

  • High Efficiency

o These units are placed in the ceiling (Mounted on fasteners) and a very thin grill is visible, they can effectively send the Cool Air/ Hot Air to a distance of 10m from the Unit and since the Hot air rises up and cold air goes down, they have the advantage of using convection currents for faster and more efficient cooling, there are different types of cassette units, some can distribute the air in 4 direction, single direction, or double direction. Most of these models are Inverter Technology based which have a low power consumption and high-efficiency levels where the rated ISEER levels are close to 4-5.

  • Easy Installation

o The indoor units are lightweight and have a mapped space for installation, once the indoor units are hung on the fasteners, the connections are made easily. The location of the indoor and outdoor unit is pre-decided to have larger and greatest possible heat exchange in the room and the outside air for the outdoor unit. The fan is sufficiently powerful for the effective distribution of air to all the widest areas of the room.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

o The Cassette ac looks much better than a split or a window AC but, only a very thin panel is visible and the major part of the indoor body is tucked inside the faux ceiling. The copper pipe and drain piping are also hidden in the ceiling itself. The units have a built-in drain pump to remove the condensate water up to 10 meters. The panels also have the option of waffle patterns and classic patterns.

  • Air Purification

o The Cassette AC Units also come with different arrays of Air purification systems which are mostly optional and some are addon attachments. These systems can be as simple as a normal filter that we have in a Split Type unit or complex enough to provide control over PM 1.0 up to 99.99% and also include Plasma Ion technology. Some of the units available in the market also offer a self-cleaning option that prevents the formation of mold.

Different types of cassette Ac

Clouds INC HVAC services for Cassette AC

Different types of Cassette AC

Types of Cassettes you can buy Today….

Square Shape 4 Way Cassette AC

o These are the traditional units available in the market offering cool air/ hot air as required in 4 directions (The vanes can be closed to offer air in specific directions). There are options in brands such as Daikin where the indoor can provide the air in 360 direction, The LG units have the option of providing Air purification, Samsung units have the unique waffle design on the panel, and Plasma Ions technology is inbuilt in the units. LG, Samsung, and Hitachi also offer the option of introducing fresh air in the area being air-conditioned. Their range starts from 65k up to 85k INR for a 2-ton unit and a 3-ton unit can cost up to 85k to 98k, the 4-ton units vary in the range of 1.18 lac to 1.4 lac

  • Round Shape Cassette AC

o These units are available in LG and Samsung. They claim to offer 25% more drafts and have a unique bladeless operation. these units are available in white and black colors that is matching the ceiling color of the room. This unit has an aesthetically pleasing appeal and makes the room stand out, even better if used in a commercial application. These units can cost up to 1.2 lac for a 2-ton unit, 1.75 lac for a 3-ton unit, and 2.05 lac for a 4-ton unit.

  • One way Cassette AC

o These units are best suited for space where there is very little space for Faux ceiling in the room, these units can fit in space up to 6-8 inches making them apt for rooms that don’t have much space on the wall and have low height ceilings or the interiors allow one-way cassette units that can be placed in the very shallow faux ceiling. These units are the least cost-effective and are available in Daikin, LG, Samsung, and Mitsubishi Heavy. Their price can range up to 1lac to 1.3 lac for a 1.5-ton unit and 1.1 lac to 1.5 lac for a 2-ton unit.

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