How New Daikin VRV Works

Daikin VRV

Daikin VRV Working Principal The Daikin VRV System was first Invented in 1990’s, they had copywrited the name therefore they have VRV and everyone else uses the name VRF system. The VRV System works on a very simple principal as same as the Normal Air Conditioners, except that they have a Computer on-bord that can […]

5 Reasons Why VRV Air Conditioning is Perfect for Your Home or Office

VRV System

What is a variable refrigerant Volume or VRF? Variable refrigerant volume (VRV) is an HVAC technology invented by Daikin Industries in 1982. Like ductless mini splits, VRF’s use refrigerants as cooling and heating mediums. This refrigerant is conditioned by one or more condensing units (indoors or outdoors can have either water or air cooling) and […]