Our HVAC Work at a site in DLF Chattarpur Farms, total 140 HP VRF Unit of Mitsubishi, The site was completed in 2 months time. These units have been coupled with a Home Automation system.

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Design parameter

The Designing team deeply encompassed the designing of the Duct work to maintain even air flow throughout the Duct work and silent functioning. the Lobby has been designed with 30 Tr Ductable Units, in order to maintain 20 degrees inside the House, when outside temperature in above 40 degrees.

Energy Conservation

The space inside the house is treated with Fresh Air through a Heat Recovery Unit, which conserves the enthalpy while minimizing the heat energy lost by the system. This system saves upto 40% of the energy which would be lost otherwise to the environment.

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HVAC Work at Farm House in DLF Farms Chatterpur Delhi 4

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