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Clouds INC

Expert HVAC Contracting Services in Delhi NCR, Mitsubishi VRF, Ductable AC Units and Cassette AC

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Expert VRF / VRV AC Design, Supply, Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services in Delhi NCR

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HVAC Services

Expert Services for all types of Air Conditioning and Fresh Air Handling Units, Contact us for details on any HVAC Services that you require.

Clouds INC

Expert HVAC Services

Clouds INC

Residential VRF AC

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Clouds INC

Fire Safety Services

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Fire Safety & Cold Storage Services

High standard quality fire fighting equipment which include Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm system and Fire Hydrant.


Existing Space Renovations, or Retrofitting for new space
Designing the most efficient HVAC system for meeting Heat Load design of the building
Efficient Duct system designing for consistent comfortable cooling.
Reducing Energy Expenses by re-designing the existing system for better performance
Advanced Modules for Humidification, radiant floor, TFA Units, and Heat Recovery Ventilation.
Special Discounts on Mitsubishi VRF AC System and Daikin VRV AC System.


AC Installation by
Certified and Experienced staff for all the Major Brands,
Qualified for handling Complex Equipment in Luxurious Residential Building,
States of the art equipment and advanced modules supply such as Humidification, dehumidification, air purification system, latest control system.
Our technicians have experience working on all kinds of central AC systems, including Rooftop Units, VRF systems, and Chilled Water-Based systems.
Turnkey based Projects designed based on equipment usage,
We also provide advanced direct digital controller installation, which can provide mobile-based control for the central ac system.

AC Maintenance

We are expertise to service all kinds of HVAC Equipment.
Our custom designed Service Contracts for efficient service Maintenance.
Emergency Repair service which is Fast and Reliable
Periodic Inspection of Mechanical Parts for Prolonged life of costly machinery.
Special AMC Packages with Comprehensive and Non Comprehensive VRF AC Maintenance.
About Us

Who We Are

Clouds Inc has been providing efficient and reliable solutions for all kinds of HVAC systems, including VRF systems for Commercial and Residential Buildings. A leading HVAC Solution Provider, a conventional VRF System, or a Hybrid System. Our offering is different from others because

  1.  Our solutions are realistic, practical, feasible, and more pocket friendly.
  2. We provide HVAC Installations which are most Innovative in comfort air conditioning.
  3. We provide around the clock technical support for the maintenance of all types of air conditioning equipment.
  4. Our team resolves all your queries in the most polite and refined way to explain all the details and help you make the right decision.
  5. We are partners with all the leading Brands, and therefore our product offering is impartial and cost-effective.

Ductable AC
clouds inc

Our Team engages the customers to provide friendly and trustworthy relationships, and we believe more in principles than profits. Our standards of artistry are vital to delivering 100 % Client Satisfaction.

We at Clouds Inc provide the Best Price Quote, Installation, and Maintenance Services for VRF Systems. Our expert team of Technicians and Engineers offer the highest quality service throughout Delhi NCR and surrounding Areas. Call us today to Planning and Designing VRF AC Systems for all the leading brands.  We provide the lowest VRF System Cost per square foot of Installation. Call us today for a FREE Consultation on your VRF HVAC System with designing and VRF AC system pricing.

why us

Why Choose
Clouds inc for your Ventilation Requirement?

We are a proud leader in residential, commercial and industrial system design and engineering. We have a long-standing commitment to each other and our clients to provide the best in the industry. For nearly decades, our commitment to innovation has uncovered pioneering technologies that improve the health of all living things, promote productivity across numerous sectors, and make a considerable impact on reducing climate-changing pollutants.

Technically Qualified

Though some jobs are routine and uncomplicated, we are uniquely qualified to handle complicated cases.

Best Pricings

We keep our prices low because we purchase the right equipment from the right source at the right time and, above all, at the right price.

Quality Products

We usually propose the highest quality reputed brands for your project that saves your money
in the long run.

Pro-active in Services

Each team member gives everything humanly possible to succeed from concept to implementation because we understand that commitment is the key to success.

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Our Projects

Ductable AC
Ductable AC
VRF System
VRF System
clouds inc
clouds inc
clouds inc
clouds inc
clouds inc
clouds inc
clouds inc
Restaurant Cassette
Ceiling Duct living room
Daikin Home VRV
Multi Split system

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Good quality work, I had asked for a new ac system for my renovating home, they had suggested me Daikin Multi-Split AC, The unit works good.
Vikas Agrawal
Vikas Agrawal
Excellent service and very positive attitude.
I would recommend them to everyone.
Very professional and they commit only when they know they will fulfill. They give 5 star service 👍
Faraz khan
Faraz khan
Very professional and sincere attitude, He completed the work without any challenges. Highly recommended. Kudos!!!
Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh

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