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Interactive Flat Panel

Digital Learning with IFPs

Schools are now upgrading the learning offered in their premises with Digital initiative that are resounding and exponentially compound the learning curve. To put this simply, the basic idea behind all this is that the neo millennial generation are getting ahead of the learning curve because they are not learning like our generation used to by books, now days 3-year-old are easily able to run the Mobile phone and learn rhymes and songs on YouTube that their parents found hard to operate at some point in time.

In some schools The Interactive Whiteboards are the paradigm of this advancement. And slowly the front of class display boards may it be a white board, projector system, digital display board or an interactive flat panel (IFPs) are becoming more of a necessity and not just a luxury that was affordable to a few. These Digital Initiatives not only are a bridge to the modern educational technology and traditional educational system but also are a central hub to all the educational Tech and are an important towards the growth and progressive future of our educational system.

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Interactive Flat Panel

The Interactive white boards offer following

  1. Helps Teachers deliver the lessons with dynamic information through graphics and audio-visual aid
  2. Share all the content easily and quickly to all the students and also provide a backup to all the chapters that can be easily recollected
  3. Customize the content and give real-time updates on the lessons and chapters.
  4. Create interactive lessons, polls and quizzes for the chapters with real-time solutions and results
  5. Collaborating the online content through Wikipedia and YouTube and offline content on PowerPoint presentation and PDF sheets to provide the most descriptive and crystal conceptive education for students

But at the end of it all, the technology alone cannot deliver the education that we crave to deliver to the students, The system is meaningless if we don’t have a Good Teacher to pilot the whole system towards our goals of providing the students with an Education that is truly exemplary.

Though the Technology of IFPs has been present for last 30 Years but their adoption into the classrooms have been sluggish mainly because of affordability and sometimes Teachers are not that comfortable in using the IFPs while teaching.

But in the last few years due to lockdown and shutdown of schools, most of the teaching has been though distant learning mediums with the use of Technology which has made the Teachers more comfortable in using the IFPs more commonly.

Interactive Whiteboards were predecessor to the IFPs wherein there were projectors beaming on the whiteboards where the sensors were responding to the Fingers, Pen or Stylus, as you might have imagined there were complication to this technology mostly in the form of Bulb being not too bright to operate in a average lit room, casting of shadows on the board. Whereas Interactive Flat Panels IFPs are a Large LCD screen with inbuilt sensors and an Android or Windows OS, which is both user friendly and Interactive at the same time minus the hassle of Interactive Whiteboards.

As per a study conducted on a closed group of students, 99% of the students reported they learn better when Interactive display was used in a class, this study was conclusive with the Test score of the students being considerably higher as compared with students been taught without the use of Interactive display.


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